NASCAR History

The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing or NASCAR is one of the most popular sports of America along with basketball, football and baseball. It is a family owned business. The business authority sanctions and also governs various auto racing events which come under the category of sport events. The founder of the organization was Bill France, Sr. The NASCAR Racing organization was founded in 1947-48. The present CEO of the particular company is Brian France. He is the grandson of Bill France, Sr. and got the post of CEO in the year 2009.

In United States, NASCAR is known as the largest body that sanctions stock car racing. Three largest racing events are sanctioned by NASCAR. The events are NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, the Camping World Truck Series and NASCAR Nationwide Series. It also looks upon NASCAR Local Racing events, the Whelen All American Series, the NASCAR Series and the Whelen Modified Tour. Over 1500 races are sanctioned in 39 US states and Canada by NASCAR at over hundred tracks. The organization has also organized racing events in Motegi and Suzuka circuits which are located in Japan. Other racing events were also organized in Calder Park Raceway that is located in Australia and in Mexico.

The headquarters of NASCAR are situated in Daytona Beach that is located in Florida. Other than this, the organization also has got its offices in North Carolina. The offices of North Carolina are located in Charlotte, Concord, Conover and Mooresville. It has got its regional offices situated in Los Angeles, New York City, Arkansas, Bentonville and the international offices are in Toronto and Mexico City. But, most surprisingly holding the root of this particular sport, most of the teams of NASCAR are North Carolina based.

According to United States’ media ratings, NASCAR holds the second position after National Football League which is considered as professional sports franchises. Internationally, NASCAR Racing is broadcasted in and around one fifty countries round the globe. The particular sport of racing has got huge fans and followers. A survey showed the approximate numbers of NASCAR fans which showed over 75miillions. These fans collectively spend over $4 billion per year on official NASCAR merchandises. These merchandises are licensed products of NASCAR. NASCAR Racing gets the highest amounts of Fortune 500 Companies sponsors when compared with other motor sport events. But the amount of sponsorships started to decline from the beginning of the year 2000.

NASCAR has been a very popular and successful sport that emerged much lately than baseball or football. It is a simple sport with simple rules and individual can understand the sport very easily. There is only one winner at the end of every race. It is known as a family sport. The speed of the sport is ultimate attraction for the followers. Moreover the NASCAR drivers are great inspirations for fans a, most of them has emerged from common family background like us. The drivers get highly paid for every race. On the other along with the excitement factor lies the risk factor. The sport is full risk and accidents and fatal injuries are very common issues of the sport.

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