The Hall of Fame of NASCAR Racing was decided to be constructed in North Caroline which is situated in Charlotte on 6th of March in the year 2006 and the work started in 2007. The work was expected to be completed by the end of 2010. NASCAR Hall of Fame is said to be an exciting asset for Charlotte tourism industry. It has also increased the job opportunities for the local people. With increased tourist the revenue from the Charlotte Tourism has also increased. An office building has been constructed. This particular building is used for NASCAR license and image marketing purposes. The authority has made a slogan for the business purpose which says that racing was built in this particular place and it belongs to the place. The Hall of Fame building has been designed in modern style which helps to capture the real spirit of NASCAR Racing. The main mission of the building is to recruit the first inductees. Other than this, there are many unofficial websites who claim them to be the Hall of Fame. A survey has been made to see the ratings of the popular NASCAR drivers.

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