Physical Condition for NASCAR Drivers

A question can arise in the minds of the NASCAR Racing fans and followers that is whether the physical condition of the NASCAR drivers really matter or not. There is a great debate about this particular factor of physical condition of the drivers. Some believe and say that these drivers are not athletes. They do not require any physical strength for driving the cars. The individuals who stick to this belief think that physical condition of the drivers does not really matter. But one should experience and understand the real condition inside a NASCAR stock car during the time of an ongoing race. This would give a true idea about what the NASCAR Drivers go through during a race.

If we look into the NASCAR racing cars, we will notice that the interiors of these vehicles are totally different from the regular vehicles that we drive or use everyday. The interiors of the racing cars are made in such a style where there is hardly any driver comfort. Neither air conditioning system nor music players are installed in these vehicles. The main focus is to make the car in such a style which will help the vehicle to run in maximum speed. A NASCAR car designer once said that while designing the vehicle they only think about to make it in such a way which will help the respective driver to reach the top speed very quickly rather than the person’s driving comfort.

During the time of the race, a driver has to get through tremendous mental pressure and excitement. The adrenalin rush of the respective driver remains also very high. The person has to mentally strong to keep his mind cool in such tense moment. One mistake on the track may lead to severe accident. So, the driver has to be real cautious while driving in maximum speed. In one word the driver faces a harsh condition while sitting on the driving seat during the time of a NASCAR race. The physical conditions of the drivers have to in perfect condition during the time of the race. Actually, the racing events seem to very easy apparently but the real story is just the opposite. One needs immense concentration and passion for the game to become a god NASCAR racing driver. There is lots of risk factor in this particular sport. So, a person who is getting himself ready for the race has to be real brave and he must also know to keep his nerves.

During the time of race the interior temperature of the vehicle may reach around 110 degree Fahrenheit and lots of effort is required to control the steering wheel at such a high speed and sharp cuts. The cars have got excellent aerodynamic shape which helps the vehicle to move in top speed. But the disadvantage of the shape is that it diminishes the quantity of air inside the cockpit when the vehicle is running at high speed. The drivers have to make themselves comfortable with the less oxygen situation inside the car. Overall it seems that the physical condition of the NASCAR Drivers has to be in perfect situation for participating in the race.

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