Organizational Structure of NASCAR

NASCAR Racing organization works like any other business organizations. Brian France is the CEO of NASCAR and he is the third generation from his family to hold the particular post in the organization. Bill France Jr. is the father of the Brian, who died at an age of 74 in the month of June, 2007. Presently, Mike Helton is the President of the organization. But the most interesting fact about Helton is that he is not from the France family. In the year 1999, Helton became the President of NASCAR Racing. In the same year certain changes were made to increase the security and safety level of the organization as NASCAR witnessed the sudden death of Dale Earnhardt during the final lap of Daytona 500 which was held in 2001. After this particular incident, NASCAR became much cautious and made certain changes to increase the safety for their fans and drivers.

Like every family controlled business or organizations, NASCAR is also controlled mostly by the family will. Many people criticized about this particular fact and they demanded to make NASCAR a joint ownership organization which would have a profit sharing model. Others said that the driver safety portion is still not up to the mark and the organization should do a bit more to fulfill the purpose. Some critics also said that within the NASCAR farm there is lot of monopoly which should be stopped. But the most important factor is that millions of people enjoy the particular sport and it should be kept in mind that this entertainment is being regulated by this organization and the exposure has been greatly loved and welcomed by the advertisers. The organization has made the championship prizes in such a manner which seems to be very attractive for most of the NASCAR Drivers.

NASCAR has never issued public shares in stock exchanges but most of the share has been owned by the International Speedway Corporation. The shares are publicly traded under the symbol of ISCA on NASDAQ. ISC works as a major motor sports promoter and has been operating around eleven motor speedways. Les France, who is the sister of Bill France, is the Vice Chairman of the Board. Bill’s uncle Jim France is the Chairman and also the CEO of the board.

The NASCSR is built upon of three main structures which are The NASCAR Nextel Cup Series, THE NASCAR Busch Series and The NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series. Other than these any fundamental part of the organization is the promoters. Some people criticize about the promoters. To them, the NASCAR is more worried about sponsorships and commercials than the racing. But the real fact is that NASCAR requires sponsorships to remain alive in long race. Ticket sale solely cannot fulfill the financial goal of the organization. Most of the revenue of the farm comes from the sponsors.

The Nextel Cup Series is known as the most important and also the prestigious event of the organization. The second premier event is known as the NASCAR Craftsmen Truck Series. This particular event was first started in the year 1996 and was initially known as Super Truck Series. The last event is the NASCAR Busch Series and it is the minor league of NASCAR.

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    ATTN: Mike Helton

    The ending of yesterday race at Talladega was definitely one for the record books. I feel that Nascar should have taken #4 off the race track before the GWC finish. I believe with all my heart that he intentionally caused that wreck on the second attempt for GWC finish and he did to hold his spot on the race track so it would not hurt his finish and chance to move on to the next round. He was able to move out of the way during the first attempt at GWC so why could he not do the same thing the second time or for that matter why couldn’t Nascar make him come in esp. if they are supposedly worried about the safety of the fans and the drivers. That wreck could have been avoided all together. Plus I agree with Kyle Petty when he said something about the wait time to call the caution on the second GWC finish . They hardly waited at all for before calling the caution on the first one so why wait so long on the second one? I think Nascar changes the rules to better get the outcome they want to see at that particular track. So apparently they wanted Joey to win and not let Jr. win and move on to the next round. Sorry Jr. I know you said that you agreed with yesterday’s ruling but I feel like you had a chance to win on the second attempt for GWC finish and were not given the opportunity to demonstrate that in the end. So Nascar I think you need to take another look at your so call RULES!!! There are a lot of loyal fans to Jr. and all the other drivers that are ready to bail and not buy any more tickets to your races because of these RULE changes. Please re-consider these changes again before you lose any more of your loyal Nascar fans in the future.

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