NASCAR Racing from the Fans’ Point of View

NASCAR Racing is said to be one of the most popular sports in America along with football and basket. Fans around the globe love to follow the NASCAR Races and they really enjoy the sport of racing. NASCAR Racing is also said to be one of the most exciting and professional event that gives a lot of entertainment. The rules of this sport are very easy and mostly it is all about speed and bravery. There are still some people, though, who do not like this fascinating world. But which are the main issues causing this sense of dislike?

The first and foremost issue is that they think NASCAR to be the most dangerous event of sports. In NASCAR Racing, the best automotive with maximum safety measures and technology are used. Yet after using all these, the drivers face injuries on almost every race. Most of the time the injuries are very serious ones and sometimes death becomes the ultimate result. So, the NASCAR drivers have to lots of risk in order to perform in a race. in other sports like football, soccer, etc the maximum injury that is faced by a player is spine or head injury. Rarely the injuries seem to be very severe. There is hardly any case of death in those sports. But in NASCAR Racing death may come at any point of time.

It is quite obvious that no fans like to witness death or severe injury in any sort of sport. The raw emotions are more likely to be enjoyed by the fans. They always wish to watch a good competition with fair play. Presently the television broadcast media has working great and they are quite successful in capturing the real excitement of the race which enhances the intensity of the NASCAR Racing. Most important is the different camera angles, which help an individual to feel the heat of the track.

Like all other sport even NASCAR Racing allows an individual to select his or her favorite player or team. The person cheers for his team and the other team seems like big rivals to the individual. For showing the support most of the fans wear merchandises that replicate the accessories of his or her favorite player. It is simply the personal passion for the particular sport of racing. Witnessing a race live from the track is the most exciting experience of any NASCAR lover. It is always a special event to watch the stars live on the track. In the particular sport the individual arrogance hardly exists whereas this particular factor is very common in other pro sports. The drivers know their job and they entertain fans by showing good performances on the track. Moreover the players get a good amount of payment for the job. Though, many people claim that baseball and basketball have got much longer season yet, NASCAR Racing is said to be the longest season of any other sport.

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